Tuesday, March 9, 2010

"Are you on your period or something?"

Gals, don't you just love when your significant others ask that? It's like our menstrual cycles are the answer to any negative shift in mood.

I'll give it to Joe though, I came home today extremely grouchy. It was nice to go to Baltimore this past weekend and see some friends and family, but I feel so behind this week. Fortunately, Joe did all of our laundry, but I didn't get a chance to do any meal planning or grocery shopping. I also have some errands to run. They're not a big deal, but I'd love the floor space my returns are taking up (yes, I had a mini online shopping binge last week). Yesterday I had two meetings after work, so I didn't get a chance to go to the grocery store or anything. Basically, I just felt a little behind, I hadn't worked out in 5 days, and I hate going grocery shopping on week nights.

I knew I was grouchy, so I went right to my workout. Nope, still grouchy. Fortunately after I had some grub, my mood improved and I finally felt it was safe to try a conversation with Joe. See, when either of us are grouchy or in a very foul mood, we kindly tell the other to stay away until we feel better. This isn't an attempt to be mean, but to prevent taking frustrations out on the wrong person. It's worked out well. So, when Joe sensed I was back to my normal self, he jokingly asked, "so are you on your period or something?" When I replied it should come any day now (TMI for some, sorry), it seemed to all make sense to him. Personally, I think I just felt a little overwhelmed, but if our guys prefer to blame our moods on our menstrual cycles, so be it. That just means we can always pull out the period card if we're having a bad day, right? :p


Chic Fit Geek said...

I know how you feel. It's a useful card to play I might add.
You and Joe do what my fiance and I do. When we're grouchy, space is best.

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