Friday, March 12, 2010

Jen's Baby Shower

Last weekend I had the opportunity to fly back to Baltimore and attend this darling young woman's baby shower. She's been one of my best friends for nearly 8 years now. Doesn't she just radiate the pregnancy glow? And, she's all belly! When you look at her from behind, you'd never ever guess she's pregnant.

During the shower we played BABYO. It's like Bingo.

When the mom unwraps a gift, if it's on your card, mark it off. I wish I had our table on camera. We'd have small jumps of excitement when she unwrapped something that we'd been waiting for forever. I tried to be a little more lenient with the items, but some friends, cough cough, were definitely more to the book. I mean, if the clothes came on hangers, doesn't that count as "baby hangers?" Either way, it was a great time!
And here's all seven of us who've continued to remain close since high school. Jen's the first pregnant chica of our group. I was the first married, so we can't use that to predict who's next to get pregnant. Jen, however, is also the oldest of our group (by a whopping two months). Guess who's the next oldest? Yup. Me. So if we go by age, I guess I'm next up. Really though, nothing is predictable about us girls, so only time will tell.


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