Monday, March 15, 2010


Today was "scramble day." Here's a time line of events:

10:00 am - medical schools are notified of students who didn't match and need to "scramble" to find a spot by Thursday.
10:30 am - students are notified if they didn't match.
11:00 am - students are notified via email that they've matched somewhere.

My time line of events today:

10:00 am - start checking my email every five minutes. Try not to think about scrambling as I see patients.
10:30 am - no email saying I didn't match. Breath a sigh of relief, but I'm still waiting for the 11 o'clock email saying that I matched.
10:40 am - my cell phone rings. I look to see who's calling. It's a Nebraska number. My heart starts racing. I'm talking to the attending presenting a patient. I can't concentrate. I tell her I have to excuse myself and take the phone call--it could be the dean calling to tell me I have to scramble. End up missing the call, but listened to the voice mail. It's Massage Envy saying I have a prepaid massage available. Umm, could they have any worse timing?!?
11:15 am - I've been caught up seeing patients, so I couldn't check my email exactly at 11. There's an email from the matching organization with the subject line "Did I Match?" What a subject line! Open the email to see that I've officially matched somewhere. Breath another sigh of relief.

Now I just have to get through the next two work days and wait to find out exactly where I've matched.


Alee said...


Tiff said...

That is great news - congratulations!

Chic Fit Geek said...

Great news!! They sure put you med students through a lot. That's a lot of stress to deal with.

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