Monday, March 1, 2010

It's March!

I'm so excited it's March. However, I usually associate March with spring time but I can still see piles of snow outside. We did have a big meltdown today, so hopefully it'll keep up at this rate. Mom asked the other day if it felt like it's almost my birthday. Nope, my birthday happens in the spring and it's still too cold out. Last year I turned 25, which I felt was a big birthday. This year, I truly don't even feel like it's around the corner. I have other exciting things on my mind. 7 days until my birthday, but more importantly, 17 days until Match Day!!! I can't wait to find out where we're going.

I've been working on a project I hope to blog about later, so I've been slacking in the blogging and cooking departments, but that's me. Like all hobbies, I guess this one goes in waves. I have at least 3 recipes and a book to review. Plus, given that it's almost St. Patrick's day, I feel its time to discuss my slight Celtic obsession.


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