Sunday, March 14, 2010

Saturday Evening Voyages

Last night Joe and I ran some errands. In an effort to find the shortest distance, we took a new route. It ends up it wasn't any shorter time wise, but it was definitely entertaining. We discovered factories and farm land just out of Omaha we didn't know was there. We needed to cross the Missouri river and were off the interstate. We found a bridge, but it was a toll bridge. Who knew there was one so close to our home? Coming from Baltimore, we're used to grumpy toll workers in uniforms and a glass box. Not in Omaha. A pleasant elderly lady greeted us as she sat next to the other toll worker who served those going East. Yup, it was a single wooden building serving both East and West. The inside was painted a nice sage green and their desks were wooden. Far from the industrial toll booths of Baltimore.

Now the kicker. As we're driving through a fairly residential area Joe and see this sign:
It's pretty hard to miss though, isn't it? To make things better, it was across the street from a church.


Chic Fit Geek said...

Oh my! That is quite the billboard. lol

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