Friday, September 25, 2009

Declined an Interview

It's always hard to predict how many interview invitations a fourth year med student will get and honestly, I'm not one of the most competitive med students to cross the program directors' desks. I'm a strong candidate, but there are definitely candidates above me. That being said, for pediatrics, I applied to a large number of programs, especially since Joe and I want to get closer to Baltimore. I was hoping for a 33% interview invite ratio, as of right now, I'm at over 50%. I am very grateful for this, but it's placed me in the position where I've had to decline an interview. I can't describe how I felt when I declined the interview and withdrew my application. Yes, it wasn't an ideal location based on our other offerings so far, but the program still wanted to give me a chance. They took the time to give my application consideration and a chance for me to learn even more about it. I know I've been fortunate to get these other interviews, but I still couldn't help having a "what if I have to scramble?" thought as I withdrew my application. My dean thinks I'll be fine matching and I'm starting to believe him, but it's still an odd feeling for me to cut strings from a program.


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