Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Reasons not to bake tomorrow

1. With all of my cooking the last two weeks, I've gained 3-5 pounds. The caramel apple cream cheese bars are what really did me in.

2. I'm back to clinic, aka standing 6-10 hours. My knee is SWOLLEN! My doc doesn't have clinic tomorrow, so I have the day off. I really really should just keep my feet up all day to help the swelling go down.

3. Joe would prefer I never cook or bake ever...well, that I never use dishes, drop flour, make any sort of mess in the kitchen, etc. Last Sunday he asked that I don't bake or try new recipes on Sundays because he has to pay attention to football and doesn't want to worry about how big of a mess I'm making in the kitchen. The thing is, no matter how well I clean up after myself, Joe feels be must basically disinfect everything.

Even though I found some pumpkin recipes I'm dying to try out, I truly think I'll try to hold off tomorrow. We'll see.


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