Monday, September 14, 2009

First Day Back

Ahh, it feels good to be back on rotations, seeing patients, and using my brain for clinical knowledge again. That being said, I'm tired as all heck! My knee is a little more swollen than yesterday. OK, actually, it's the most swollen it's been since surgery. I took an ice pack with me and iced during lunch. I'll keep that up. The hardest part is being on my feet so long. Clinic really isn't a desk job, plus we're walking around a lot. I was a bad girl and didn't do my exercises today. I figured 8 hours of standing was enough PT for today. I didn't want to shock my body too much all at once. Anyway, I'll pick back up with my exercises tomorrow. No more baking for awhile. Once I get home from clinic and do my exercises, I'm plopping my butt on the couch and putting my feet up.


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