Monday, September 7, 2009

Post-Op Day 12

There's a fine line between rehabilitation and recovery. Recovery involves rest and limited activity, but rehab requires use of affected problem areas. And here lies my problem. If I don't work my legs, I'll lose whatever muscle I've already developed. Even everyday activities help rebuild or maintain my muscles in my left leg. The problem is, when I'm on my feet too much, my knee starts to swell, hence affecting my recovery. I'm trying to find a balance, but it's definitely hard for a girl who can only handle being off for so many days.

That aside--I can now go up and down the stairs alternating feet. I'm still limiting my stair use though for reasons of recovery.

Like clockwork, I wake up from knee pain at 4 am. It's odd because my knee only throbs at this time, not when I'm up doing things. I've tried taking ibuprofen just before I fall asleep, but I still wake up. Naprosyn has a longer half-life, so perhaps I'll try that tonight.


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