Friday, September 25, 2009

Post Op Appointment 2

Can you tell I'm back on rotations? No cooking, baking, or even blogging this week. Yesterday was my second post-op appointment. It's been just over 5 weeks since my surgery. My ortho doc continues to say I'm doing better than expected, so that's good.

As mentioned, last week was rough. I was the most swollen I'd ever been and limping like crazy. This week, the complete opposite. It was actually a little weird. Monday I expected to come home and be really swollen again, but nope. By today, I'm not even really limping anymore. I still feel a little weak walking down stairs and I can't squat as low as normal yet. I'm making progress!

The doc would like me to build some more quad muscle before I try to start running. I don't want to undo any progress we've made, so I'll hold off a little longer. I admit, I'm starting to get tired of my knee exercises. They're all about strength training and I'm more of a cardio girl. Either way, I'm keeping them up, no fear.


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