Sunday, January 3, 2010

Another Week Without Church

I really truly want to work on my faith this year. I told myself all week that I was going to give a Lutheran service a try this Sunday. Long story short, I didn't leave the house at all. I could blame it on the two inches of snow we received overnight, but I know that's not it.

I almost think I have a small sense of fear about going back to Church. What if going back still doesn't fill this faith void I have? Being raised Catholic I believe in the Virgin Mary and transubstantiation. Ok, strike that. I'm not sure I actually believe Mary was a virgin. My faith has taught me to believe Jesus was conceived without intercourse, so I'll stick with that, but I really really don't think Mary and Joseph never had sex after Jesus' conception. If Mary did have sex, that doesn't make her any less holy or less of a remarkable woman for raising Jesus and watching him get crucified, but I digress. Lutherans don't believe in transubstantiation and Mary isn't as big there. I don't know. I really just need to try different churches out and see what feels right.

Here lies another problem though. Joe and I hopefully moving this summer to start my residency somewhere on the East Coast. I can look for a church out here, but I'll likely have to leave it in a couple of months and start all over.

I don't know. Perhaps just reflecting on my faith will help me find my way back to wherever it is I belong.


etta said...

I've wanted to go to church ever since we moved here a year and a half ago. Unfortunately, my job never really allowed for that. Since my new job is 3-11, I'm now able to go to church every weekend! I told the hubs that I want to start going, now we just need to choose one to visit.

My biggest fear about going to a new church where we don't know anyone -- Where do we sit? I know at my church back home everyone sat in the same place every week. It's their little territory.

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