Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Julie and Julia

I finally got around to watching the movie! I'm the type of person who prefers to read the book before seeing the movie. I finished the book back in November (you can find my brief review here) and I really wasn't impressed. I have to say though, I enjoyed the movie much more. I didn't find it as wonderful as some have made it out to be, but it was definitely a fun, relaxing movie.

But...I wouldn't be me if I didn't have a pet peeve. I can't remember how tall Julia Child was, but I know over six feet. Meryl Streep just isn't that tall and I could always tell when they had her standing on a stool in the kitchen. No, I couldn't see the stool, but her waist was in the wrong spot. The stool basically just lengthens a persons legs and makes the torso disproportionate. I know, the directors had no choice, but it's just something I noticed throughout the whole movie.


Amy W said...

Now that you mention it, it did seem weird to watch her cook at the table with all those short men...her waist was higher. I never thought about her standing on a stool. I did enjoy the movie, though and thought that Meryl Streep did a great job in the part!

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