Thursday, January 28, 2010

Time for a Phone Upgrade

So it's time for my new every two. Right now I have the original LG enV. I really love the qwerty keyboard, so I know I want that for sure.

Here's the thing--there's all of this hype over the smart phones and I need you to convince me why I NEED one. I'll be a resident physician and it'll be nice to have an electronic version of drug programs to look up doses, but really, everything is in my Harriet Lane (basically the pediatrician's bible).

Right now, if I get a smartphone I see myself solely using it to waste time on facebook, email, etc. I can't fathom an extra $400 a year for those purposes alone. I'd much much rather use that towards massages or manicures or pedicures--you get the point.

My gut for the past three weeks has been telling me to get another cell phone with a qwerty keyboard and if I decide I want a handheld, perhaps ask for the iTouch as a gift.

So, if you think I need a smart phone, please try to convince me why. Also, if you you're in the know with when Verizon releases their new phones and if I should hold off, let me know that too please :-)


Megan said...

I have the new Google Nexus One and it's amazing. Once you have a smart phone you'll never go back :) It's not on Verizon yet though :(

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