Friday, January 15, 2010

That's originally $30!?!?

Earlier this week I was running some errands when I ran across a sign on Ulta's door - $5 hand treatment, originally $30. With it being winter, my hands are dry and while I wouldn't pay $30 for a hand treatment, I figured I could give it a try for $5. Oh my goodness! I don't even think it was worth $5! Ulta salons are dermalogica based, so it was those products, which are supposedly awesome. So first, the lady had me wash my hands. Afterward she put something on the tops of my hands, used a hot towel to rub it off. Then she put what I think should have been an exfoliant on the top of my hands again, but didn't rub the beady stuff in or anything. That sat for 1 minute. This is what I think the kicker is, she then put "hand repair" cream on my palms and told me to rub it in. Ummm...I have absolutely no problem rubbing lotion into my own hands, but if I was truly spending $30 on this treatment, I definitely expect you to be rubbing the lotion in!

So, overall I think my hands feel exactly the same and I would never get this treatment again (unless it was free, of course).


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