Thursday, January 7, 2010

Babies on the Brain

I love kids. I have a shopping addiction. I hope to one day be a mom.

Joe and I haven't decided when we're going to stop preventing a conception, but we both have babies on our brains. I wouldn't be surprised if I'm pregnant in two years or so, but we'll see. Anyway, I like to shop. One of my resolutions this year was to stop spending so much money. So far so good; well, kind of. I'm trying to justify any shopping I do now a days for it being for a future time or other people.

JCPenney is having an extra 40% off their clearance right now and I just happened to stop by yesterday. I have two pregnant friends, so I decided to see what the maternity section had on clearance. Browsing through the racks I realized I didn't know what they'd like. But I did find three shirts for me. I know I'm not prego yet, but I love fabric of the shirts. You don't have to iron it, it's machine washable, and it can be work or casual.Each shirt was originally $26 (which is super reasonable to begin with) and I got all three for a whopping total of $26. Score!

Of course I had to voyage over to the baby section too. One of my friends knows the gender of her little one, so I definitely scored on Carter's outfits for her. The other doesn't know the gender and unfortunately there weren't any gender neutral outfits on the clearance rack.

The night before this shopping expedition I dreamed that Joe and I had a beautiful baby girl named E.M. Ahh, why the secret? I don't know. Mom has a story where one of her friends loved a name but wasn't pregnant yet, another friend also loved it so much she "stole" it. I guess I'm superstitious like that. Well, back to shopping. Since I dreamed we had a little baby girl, I couldn't pass up these two girl outfits.
Not bad, eh? I have to give props to Kristen and her blog who helped direct me to the clearance racks!


Lynsey Kaye said...

Those little girl outfits are adorable! I think my husband would crap his pants if I brought home baby outfits...that might be because we are not TTC for at least 3-4 years. :)

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