Friday, January 22, 2010

Poppy Daydream Tutorial

I've realized the only way I'm really going to learn better editing and fun stuff in Photoshop Elements is to do tutorials. And hence I followed I heart Faces' Poppy Daydream Tutorial on this exciting Friday night. (Joe did offer to take me to the movies, but we need to save money, so I chose the internet instead). The tutorial is actually for photoshop, so I had to skip or improvise some steps. Either way, I'm definitely learning.

I think it's sad to say that before tonight I never knew what screen and soften light layers were. Shaking my head, I know. AND before tonight, I never used veils or added textures to photos. Man, you can do so much in photoshop (elements)! So these posts could be boring, but oh well. As long as time allows, I'll probably keep doing these tutorials and post my before's and after's.

To those who create the tutorials, thank you!

Left, before. Right, after.

Fun, eh?


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